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ISGE bridges the gap between students, faculty, and alumni.





About us


The Illinois Society of General Engineers is an academic, professional, and social organization aimed at establishing a community amongst General Engineering students at the University of Illinois. Members reap the benefits of gaining increased exposure to faculty and alumni as well as getting to know fellow classmates.

In addition to supporting academic and professional growth, ISGE strives to provide its members with a wide variety of social events and community service opportunities.

the board

The ISGE executive board is composed of a group of highly motivated General Engineering students who are eager to help. Please feel free to reach out to any of them with your questions!
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Nick binkus

-Worked as a Business Technology Analyst intern at Deloitte last summer
-Former Underclassmen Representative
-I enjoy playing trumpet for the Illinois jazz bands.
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Kristi Cesario

Vice President
-Work as a Database Management Intern at EnterpriseWorks in Research Park.
-Favorite ISGE event: EOH
-Random fact: I do not like popcorn
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andrew xu

-Worked at Medieval Times (and still do during breaks for some odd reason)
Favorite ISGE Event: iHelp
-Random fact: I’m a Canadian, eh. Also, we DO NOT want Justin Bieber back.
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Carleasia Kengott

Service Chair
-Worked at JPMorgan Chase & Co. as a Business Systems Analyst
-Studied abroad for a semester in Rome
-Favorite activity is slalom waterskiing
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Hannah DeYoung

Social Chair
-Worked as a CAD intern for Vanfab, Inc. Summer 2015
-Favorite ISGE event: Laser Tag
Random Fact: I have 7 pets at home
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Mitchell Babendir

Communications Chair
-I worked as a Claims intern at Associated Agencies last summer
Favorite ISGE event: EOH
-Fun fact: I worked for the Chicago Bears at their practice facility in Lake Forest
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shaan bhakta

Underclassmen Representative
-I’m from Georgia, and no, I don’t have a Southern accent
Favorite ISGE event: Halloween haunted house build
-I’ve worked at a computer store building computers since the 6th grade
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Abhas bhargava

-I am the creator of this awesome website!
-I love everything that centers around design
Fun Fact: I’m from India, but I can pull of the American accent pretty easily

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